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How to get rent in few steps?

Submit Details

Soyo Homes contain a customized dashboard which is user friendly and can submit the complete details regarding the property

Sign Agreement

After getting confirmation from the tenants regarding payments, tenants and landlords can move to a further procedure like agreement signing.

Get Tenants

In the Soyo Homes dashboard, there will be complete detail regarding tenants and the cost of the selected property.

Rent on time

Due to the legal agreement concern, complete payment details and transactions are recorded in the dashboard the landlord will get rent on time.

Everything in the Palm of Your Hand

1. The Soyo Rental makes dealing with your investment property tranquil.
2.Complete straightforwardness
3. Start to finish property the executives
4.Simple procedure - rundown, rent and oversee
5.every minute of everyday support
6.Promote your investment property
7.Screen and meeting likely inhabitants
8. Carefully sign rental records
9. Store records safely
10.Live talk
11.Fix and upkeep tradies accessible
12.Assign Dedicated Relationship manager

One of the key advantages of Soyo Homes is the capacity to get to data and interface when you have to.

1. Effectively organize
2.Rental installments
3.Direct Interaction with tents
4.Rental fixes and upkeep
5.Rental assessments
6. Rental takes note

Take the responsibility of your investment property. Effectively associate with many expected tenants and tradies around India.

1. Manage your Tenants
2. Effectively monitor every rental installment
3. 24/7, everyday support from soyohomes

Messages and significant documents:

Platform Features for Landlords Rent out your investment property quicker than ever before with the help of Soyo Rent.

1. House Maintenance

Soyo Homes is going to take care of the rental property provided to the tenants with the extreme crew to maintain the property in a good manner

2.Zero Paperwork

Soyo Homes prefer the computerized records. Access records when you need them from any location regardless of time.

3.Complete Dashboard

We provide the complete dashboard logins to tenants as well as to the landlords and they can easily keep track of their payments, documents, and rental listings.

4. Marketing and promotion

Soyo Homes give the guidelines to connect with tenants within the recommended dashboard marketplace

5. Virtual property Manager

Soyo Homes provides 24/7 virtual property managers or Relationship Managers if you need support and assistance.

Frequently asked questions

In the event, if you select a Rent collect, we will sort out for the occupant to pay the lease through standing request or direct charge. We will at that point move the cash to your account by deducting our charges and any, (for example, upkeep work expenses). You will get a notification consistently.
The tenant is answerable for the council tax (except if you choose to remember this for the lease) yet this should be plainly expressed in the tenancy agreement. On the off chance that the property is standing vacant, the landlord must pay.
The landlord has to give the tenant a fitting notification before you enter the property.
The landlord or the letting specialist gives the occupant notice that they will visit the property to check it is being taken care of and to check for any potential upkeep issues.
All landlords could be liable to pay tax on their rental income, For Further information contact our Manager or Soy homes website

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