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How to find property

Select the property

Take the stress out of discovering your best lease or rental property and deal immediately with lots of viable landlords.

Schedule to visit

Organise your time to visit the selected property with the help of our Relationship Manager or property expert to explore your property and gain the complete knowledge regarding site.

Book the property

Book the selected property and Keep the required legal documents ready, track all the property details according to legal concern.

Move on

Once the property is selected and landlord criteria is reached, tenants can move to selected property.

An Easy Rental Experience

The Soyo Homes makes discovering and managing your apartment property a breeze.

1. Complete transparency
2. End to cease property management
3. Easy system - list, rent and manage
4. 24/7 support
5. Digitally signal apartment documents
6. Log restore and upkeep work in real-time
7. Search thousands of condominium properties

Rental Information When You Need It

One of the key advantages of soyo properties is the capacity to get right of entry to facts and join when you need to. Easily organise:

1. Rental payments
2. One on one assembly periods with your landlord or support
3. Rental repairs and maintenance
4. Rental inspections
5. Rental notices
6. Messages and vital files

Cut out the dealers, lease or rent your subsequent home at once from the landlord through Soyo Homes

1. Communicate without delay to the landlord
2. 24/7 assist from Soyo Homes
3. Keep monitoring repayments and tenancy facts online with 24/7 support assistance from Soyo Homes.

Platform Feature points for tenants

Simple and handy to use elements inside the Soyo Homes platform make this the perfect system to hire your subsequent property.

1. Transparency

Stay up with the latest and know precisely what is new with your property consistently.

2. Speed to Property

Working straightforwardly with your proprietor guarantees you move into your new home sooner.

3. Transparent Repairs

Compose fixes and upkeep with simple and be stayed up with the latest on work progress.

4. Complete Tracking

All data and chat conversations are logged and stored within the Soyohome dashboard enabling you to refer back whenever you need to.

5. Payment in online

Effectively make rental installments on the web. Log and monitor installments made and create reports when you need them.

Frequently asked questions

You will need to painstakingly examine the investment properties in your general vicinity before choosing which unit might be directly for you. When you have discovered your future home, you should finish a rental application including foundation and credit checks. The landowner must endorse the application before you can sign the rent and move in to your new home. On the off chance that you need to hold a unit for a specific time before marking the rent, you might have the option to present a holding store if the proprietor licenses.
The rent or tenant contract portrays the vast majority of the rights and duties of the landowner and the inhabitant. For instance, a rent ordinarily addresses whether the inhabitant can rent the unit to another person. You should set aside the effort to see every one of a rent's subtleties in detail and request that the proprietor explain any ambiguities. In some cases, you can add conditions to a rent or make changes to it after it is marked if your circumstance shifts.
In the event that something separates in your unit or in a typical zone that you use, the proprietor likely will be answerable for fixing it except if you caused the issue. You ought to decide if the fix is major, which requires the proprietor to address it with more prominent earnestness. On the off chance that a landowner neglects to deal with a significant fix, you might have the option to retain lease or take other solid activities. Fixes that are moderately minor warrant less forceful activity. Additionally, you may feel that your home would profit by a trivial change or adjustment, yet you ought to know that these upgrades are generally not allowed by a rent and become the landowner's property on the off chance that you leave.
The nature of your home condition can majorly affect your physical and passionate prosperity. In the event that you lease your home, you should make a point to comprehend your privileges and commitments. The connection between an inhabitant and a landowner can be entangled and now and then tempestuous, yet it doesn't generally should be. Investigate this area of our site to discover increasingly about the issues that can emerge and how to address them.
As your relationship with your landowner unfurls, you may conclude that specific terms in your rent or tenant contract should be changed and you should roll out the improvement to the rent recorded as a hard copy so the two sides have a record of it.

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